Influencer PR

You are new to the industry and try to grow your audience and want to get paid brand deals? Let me help you negotiate! Or maybe you are already an established fashion/ beauty or other influencer and need help with managing your collaborations and need someone who helps you create weekly content?



PR Manager 

Ironman Agency develops a Media Kit for you, updates it every month for you and sends out pitch emails to brands. We also negotiate on your behalf, write contracts and help you navigate your campaigns.


Content Creation

You need to post weekly content and have a hard time creating content by yourself? We create shoot lists for you, monthly vision boards and organize professional photo shoots with local photographers & videographers.



Follower Growth

Our agency offers social media consultations which help you understand the different algorithms better. During our consultation sessions we analyze your insights, give important tips and work on your individual online growth strategy. 


Social Media Account Management

You want to monetize multiple platforms at the same time? Let us help you organize your weekly content, create captions and manage your accounts so you can relax and enjoy your job!

Posing inspo

Check out my Pinterest for posing inspo for your Instagram feed!

Read our blog and get free pitch email templates and useful tips on how to get millions of monthly views on your Pinterest, Tiktok and CO.!


You can make thousands of dollars every month with paid partnerships, Creator Rewards Programs and many other amazing influencer opportunities!

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